Know Your Camera Lens Features

Know Your Camera Lens Features

The camera lens is equipped with various features that each has a different function. Here are some of them:

1. Distance of the lens with the camera sensor plane (focal length). Focal length scale is expressed in millimeters. Camera with lens focal length is shorter usually suitable for traveling, because it does not give you trouble when carrying it.
2. Fixed lens (Prime lens). Camera lens with a focal length that can not be changed except with the help of additional lenses. Every prime lens quality is different for each product offered. Typically, the prime lens is much more expensive than the zoom lens or lens variable focus range can be changed.
3. Hole lens (aperture). The aperture is the hole on the lens for light from entering. Most cameras with high aperture are more expensive because of its ability to capture more light when shooting.
4. Image stabilizer lens (Image stabilizer). The camera lens many times now equipped with image stabilizer which helps reduce the risk of taking blurry pictures. Although the actual shooting abilities also affect the results of the pictures taken, if necessary you can choose to buy a camera lens with this feature.
5. Bearing lens (Lens mount). A physical link between the camera and lens. Select the appropriate type of lens mount between the lens and your camera. Some cameras brands usually are not so suitable given the lens mount is not coming from the same product.
6. IS / VR (Image Stabilization / Vibration Reduction). This lens has a function to help reduce camera shake when shooting with low shutter speed to reduce blur in photos. This function is very useful for taking pictures of objects that are not moving, but it is not useful to photograph moving subjects such as sports photos.
7. AF-S/SDM/USM/HSM. If you find these codes on your lens, lens means you have auto focus motors are almost / no sound when taking focus. Most of the lenses that have this function also be faster than regular lenses.

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